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Future Students

If you believe that you can win Sierra Leone with your skills then you can surely be our future student.

Our Community

We have a huge community of students who love to change Sierra Leone with us and help each other succeed.

Best Courses

We are dedicated to providing thee well researched and the best of courses for our students and visitors.

Flexible Timing

With our Flexible timing, your thirst for knowledge will not be hampered by your busy schedule.

This idea is to complement the Government’s “Free Quality Education” as well as to help promote the educational services using the internet as a better and easier solution that will allow students to take free online courses, anywhere and at any time.

Our Most Popular Courses

Which online class is right for you? Maybe one that's already helped thousands of students get a little smarter. And these days, you don't even have to leave the house to continue your education.

Our Dream!

Our dream is not only bridging the gap in the educational sector in Sierra Leone but to serve as a solution and complement students’ on-class experience by signing-up for free online classes from Lecturers and Academia among the most popular universities and colleges with the potential to reach thousands of students:

  • That are yet to enter university or college;
  • Who cannot afford college fees but still want to take classes on their dream course;
  • That want to understand their courses better by taking courses from other lecturers in other universities and;
  • Workers who want to improve their knowledge but are too busy to attend daily classes.

Also include career readiness courses, mentorships, and entrepreneurship.
We will be able to reach these students regardless of geographical location, financial status, religion, tribe, and political limitations.

University of Sierra Leone

Distance Learning Can Change Sierra Leone

Let educate our youths together!

Kharifa Abdulai Kumara
Founder & Director

Re-watch the same video or reread the same paragraph a million times until it is forever etched into your memory

Slowly ease into things and find your bearings or take as many breaks as you need to get through your work without losing motivation or getting bored.

They are sometimes known as transferable skills because you develop them.
♣ Set goals for yourself.
♣ Find a mentor.
♣ Seek feedback about strengths and weaknesses.
♣ Review course descriptions for study.
♣ Take continuing education courses in career-related fields.

Once you start loving the decisions you’re making, you won’t need the approval of others.
♣ Be Aware Of What You Want. 
♣ Ask For Advice, But Make Your Own Choice. 
♣ Listen To Your Gut. 
♣ Make Sure You Are In The Right Frame Of Mind. 
♣ Learn To Trust Yourself. 
♣ Learn, Learn, Learn.

Host Your Courses Online With Ease

As the most effective option for students that gives them more flexibility and access to courses and course materials any time and place of their choosing.

It will increase their retention rate by 60% compare to 25% in the traditional method of learning.

Training Courses For Your Staff

Drastically reduces your training cost by providing personalized online training for your staff by hosting your training courses with us.

We offer round-the-clock access to online training resources for your staff with detailed tracking and improves their productivity, performance, and proficiency. 

Our 3-D Process



We are inspiring educator to go beyond traditional learning with award-winning digital contents and professional development



Understanding the critical conflict and humanitarian crisis in distance learning in Sierra Leone.



Asynchronous delivery of course content means that each learner is receiving or interacting with the course content on his or her own schedule.

UNIMAK University

Why choose us?

Our courses are taught by qualified instructors that are intended to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline.

With distance learning, students can study from any place and at any time as long as they have access to the internet.

Our courses will help students discover a proven results orientation framework & develop fundamental skills to achieve a  required result.

Through these interactions with professionals from different fields and cultural experiences, you can gain a broad range of perspectives and best practices to apply to your carrier.

Online learning enables you to study for a recognized qualification without putting your life on hold. Whether you are a busy professional looking for the next career step or a school leaver wanting to start your career without sacrificing your education, DreamDay University may be the solution you need.

Let Our People Say their Mind

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Kelvin Black
From Kenema
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Zasha Swan
From Kono
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to DreamDay Technology. What you have done will never be forgotten and I promise that your efforts will not be under-utilized. Your offer of free knowledge to us, my thanks and appreciation is the least I could offer. I wish you could have more opportunities like this for students.
Abass Kamara
Fourah Bay College
Thank you Kharifa Abdulai Kumara for helping me through my four years at university including working me through my dissertation project. Hope you can extend your help to other students in Sierra Leone and beyond.
Tamba Raymond Bindi Sam
University of Management and Technology - UNIMTECH

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