DreamDay University Requirements

DreamDay University has a number of requirements for students and volunteers

Students at DreamDay University has to go through the following procedures:

  • The student must be 16 years or older. Read our Privacy Policy here to know more.
  • The student must have either sat  or about to sat to the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE)
  • All applications at DreamDay University must be done online.
  • The student must have an active email to register.
  • The students accept to take all courses in the English Language.
  • Should at least have a graduate degree in the course area in which you desire to teach?
  • Willing to frequently update your courses.
  • Find time to interact with our students.
  • You agree to help us achieve this by proving your services for free.
  • You will dedicate an average of about 5 hours per week to facilitate students in their learning process by monitoring, assessing their learning achievements, checking and updating in courses frequently at a minimum once every 72 hours, and regularly checking in and responding to both students and administrative emails.
  • Ready to partake in our social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • You will only interact with our students virtually except arrange by DreamDay University.
  • You will not use DreamDay University for any illegal purposes.

• You are ready to help DreamDay University achieve its goal of providing free education to students around Sierra Leone.
• Serving DreamDay University from any location of your chosen (Home, DreamDay University’s Office, Your Office, etc.).
• You agree to help us achieve this by proving your services for free.
• If you volunteer as a developer or for an administrative position, you agree to work from our office except your service can be delivered remotely.

As our academic partner, you agree to help DreamDay University with free courses and course materials for students and also guide us on the delivery of the courses.

As a member of our advisory board, you agree on the following;

  • You will give us an academic overview to make sure we have the standard resources and provides guidance with the delivery of these resources.
  • You will also guide us on the academic policies of Sierra Leone.
  • You will dedicate some of your time to discuss with the staff of DreamDay University (including all our projects) on our successes, failure and challenges at least once every month or when needed.
  • You will provide your services for free.

As a diverse and highly experienced member of DreamDay University, you agree to create an impact by mentoring and coaching our students. Your mentorship will include the following;

  • Creating courses on career coaching and include topics like;
    i. Courses to study at the university/college and why
    ii. Choosing a career path
    iii. Expected job for each course
    iv. How to self-motive
    v. How to combine your study with technology
    vi. The financial benefits of each course
  • To have a one on one session with our students.

You agree to review all our courses either video, text, and audio before we post them on the website. You can choose any of our categories of course base on your profession.